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Flying during the winter in Alaska offers some of the best flying conditions and some of the best scenery. Flying in the winter is the fun part, getting it ready to fly is the hardest part. At Stoddards Aircraft Parts Center we know what you may need to make this job easier. Whether you need an engine cover,wing or tail covers, at Stoddards we have the product you need to keep your airplane ready to fly in Alaska's winter conditions.

Skis (new & used ) - Tail skis (new & used) - Engine covers - Mesh and Nylon Wing covers with Spoilers - Windshield covers - Engine heaters....MUCH MORE!

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Aero Skis Aluminum Aero Skis

Gust Locks
Alaska Dealer for Aero Skis (Aluminum) since 1980
Isopropyl Alcohol (FAA approved Non Icing Fuel Additive)
Pickling Oil and CamGuard

For the Airplane owner that hibernates for the winter, we have Phillips Aviation Anti Rust Oil. An engine pickling Oil,
designed to help guard against rust and corrosion while the engine is in storage. Also dehydrator plugs to help keep the engine dry while in storage. We also stock CamGuard a engine oil supplement to help prevent engine corrosion between flights and help reduce cam and lifter wear in your aircraft engine.

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